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Simmons Foot and Ankle
  • Simmons Foot & Ankle

1355 Higley Rd, Suite 112

Gilbert, AZ  85296

Shockwave Therapy (EPAT)

Have plantar fasciitis (heel pain)? 

Have Achilles tendinitis? 

Failed oral medication?

Have you been told you need injections?

Have you failed other treatments and are now told you need surgery?

EPAT is for you! EPAT is an amazing treatment that is gaining popularity because it works well and does not require injections or medication.  It stimulates the body to increase the blood supply and heal itself after only  3-5 treatments (1 treatment a week).  Each treatment takes only 10 minutes.   There are no downside to trying this before having surgery.

This treatment can usually be done at no additional cost at your office visit.

Watch the video below and download the PDF files below to learn more about this treatment.

Patient Brochure
Shockwave and Amnio on The Drs TV show
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