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PRP Injections

The body is full of healing potential. PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections is one method to take advantage of the body's own healing properties.  When the platelets in your blood are activated they release large amounts of growth factors that stimulate regeneration of tendons and other soft tissues.

With PRP injections we will draw 1-2 vials of blood from you.  We then centrifuge, separate, and concentrate the platelets.  These platelets are then injection into the injured body site to start the healing process.  Most cases will need a series of 2-3 treatments with each treatment being 2-3 weeks apart.

The each treatment will occur in a single office visit.   This can usually be done without any additional cost to the patient.

Common areas to treat are:

  • Foot and Ankle Joints

  • Ankle Ligaments

  • Ankle Tendon

  • Achilles Tendon

  • Plantar fascia

Side effects are minimal because we are using your own blood. Some pain and inflammation at the injection site may occur afterwards but resolves usually with in a day or two afterwards.  That is why we recommend having the procedure done on a day where you can "baby" your foot the next day, just in case of a flair up.

Watch this short YouTube Video on how the procedure is done.
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