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Amniotic Injections

Amniotic tissue injections is a new treatment taking over the natural tissue regeneration/healing world.  Many people call these injections "stem cell" injections however that is misleading.  Although there is a type of stem cell in the amniotic tissues, it is not the type taken from embryos.  The tissue for these injections is taken from amniotic sacs or cords after live births and put through a process to harvest the "stem cell" tissues.

Amniotic injections work as well as, if not better than, PRP injections; however, there is substantial cost for this injection.  When done in an office setting the cost is often $1000+ EACH treatment, with multiple treatments often needed.  Some patients are able to have these done at no cost to them if done at an outpatient surgery or treatment center.  We will check the insurance coverage on all interested patients to do the most cost effective route.

What is the benefit of Amniotic Injections?

  • Easy to perform

  • Avoid surgery

  • No significant side effects

  • Eliminate pain

  • Natural tissue healing

What is the down side?

  • Cost

Will my insurance cover it?

  • Right now the only insurance that is covering this treatment is Medicare Part B.   We may be able to get workman's comp to cover treatments as well.   Cash pay options available with minimal mark up from our cost, which, depending on the volume to be injected, is generally from $1000-$1500.

Shockwave and Amnio on The Drs TV show
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